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Awesome Features

just a few good reasons to buy now!

full deeplink support PHP Beaver it`s all about drag and drop

Intuitive usage

PHP Beaver features a noob friendly interface, that allows your users to create web pages in just a few minutes, by just clicking a few times, thats all! All you have to do, is to drag and drop the elements you want to use!

full deeplink support
With PHP Beaver you can arrange you content in almost every way possible

Highly customisable

Using PHP Beaver, you can create highly customisable sites, using whatever elements you want, like sliders, contact forms and so on. You can also choose one of the 15 free themes, or you can upload your own Bootstrap skin.

full deeplink support Generated sites are super fast!

Fast and Responsive

PHP Beaver generates super fast and fully responsive sites, so the generated pages will be available on any device, no matter the resolution.

full deeplink support Get your site up in no time

Easy to be deployed

Both the PHP Beaver script and the generated templates, are ready to be used, all you have to do, is to upload them on your server. In order to run the script, you only need the PHP ZIP library enabled.

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